Cannabis Delivery in Illinois

If you need cannabis delivery in Illinois and don’t have a delivery service yet, look no further! As summer comes to a close and new, unknown COVID-19 variants threaten another mass lockdown in late 2019, even though a couple of years have passed since then, cannabis delivery is more critical than ever, giving customers a quick and easy way to enjoy the medicinal effects of the plant without ever having to leave the house. If you need cannabis delivery in Illinois, look no further!

While cannabis delivery is not technically permitted in Illinois, there is currently legislation to address the legal landscape of delivery services within the coming year. Many dispensaries and retail operations in the state have already begun to market themselves for when this change finally occurs, either announcing their delivery system or partnering with a third-party service to outsource the distribution of products. 

If your cannabis business has not yet partnered with a delivery service, there is still plenty of time to get in on the action and get your products to the patients who need them most. Platforms like Scarlet Express use online delivery software that makes accepting orders, tracking deliveries, and managing payments a breeze.

Check out this guide on everything you need to learn more about cannabis delivery in Illinois.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in Illinois?

Simply put, cannabis delivery is not legal in Illinois, at least not yet. 

There are currently two pending House Bills and one pending Senate Bill in the works to legalize medical and adult-use cannabis delivery and set up a system for issuing licenses in the state. Both bills are still in review, meaning that while dispensaries aren’t technically allowed to deliver, that time is right around the corner!

Current Legislation on Delivery in Illinois

The three bills currently in session to amend cannabis delivery laws are as follows:

Senate Bill 2404. Allows for storefront or non-storefront organizations to acquire cannabis to sell or dispense exclusively through delivery. It requires the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to issue up to 200 non-storefront adult-use cannabis delivery licenses and unlimited storefront adult-use cannabis delivery licenses before May 1st, 2022.

House Bill 193. Provides that dispensing organizations may deliver cannabis or cannabis-infused products to purchasers if specified requirements are met. It aims to remove the laws prohibiting dispensing organizations from transporting cannabis to residences or other locations where purchasers may be for delivery. 

House Bill 312. Calls for the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to issue cannabis delivery organization licenses and outline candidates’ application process and requirements. 

How Dispensaries Benefit from Delivery

When delivery becomes available, it’s essential to be prepared with a service that takes care of your customers quickly, securely, and reliably and saves you time and money in the long term.

Here are a few significant benefits of outsourcing to a third party like Scarlet Express:


Our team has over fifty years of combined experience in transportation and twenty years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, ensuring that we understand the entire scope of safety and compliance laws in your state. 

A Team You Can Trust

When it comes to cannabis delivery, the security and safety of your product are a primary concern of most dispensary owners. We pride ourselves on having a team of contracted drivers who are thoroughly vetted with background checks on a bi-annual basis and carry the highest level of insurance. All of our drivers carry I.D., are dressed in office-appropriate attire, and are trained in delivering excellent customer service.

Once in transit, your products are stored in a sealed container only opened by the customer. Our drivers have no access to the product, nor are the contents of the container disclosed. Your patient information and the exact delivery routes your drivers make are also kept securely filed in our system. 

Tracking Your Greenery Order

Scarlet Express’ goal is to give you peace of mind. We monitor your shipments every step of the way. With less time, money, and stress spent on managing cannabis delivery, entrepreneurs can now focus on core business tasks and the overall growth of their company.

Both your staff and patients can track drivers and deliveries through the Scarlet Express software while receiving updates by email and SMS, giving them total transparency when it comes to receiving their deliveries on time. Each order is also time-stamped, so business owners know when their package is en route and when it has been delivered.

Improve Your E-Commerce

Our payment software can easily integrate with whichever menu provider and point-of-sale system you use for your online store, making it easy to accept orders and monitor packages until they reach the front door. With customizable brand logos and colors, we make it easy for your patients to find your brand. 
If you’re a dispensary owner in Illinois, our team is prepared to work with you to develop a timely, compliant, and tailored delivery system that meets your needs. With the ability to scale and operate in any state, we are ready to grow and expand alongside your business with any number of locations. Click here to book a demo and start your delivery journey.