How it Works:

Scarlet Express makes it easy for you to accept orders, track deliveries, and serve your patients in a comprehensive and compliant system. We provide software, integration, payment solution, and contracted drivers. You provide the products, and we take care of the rest.

Flexible, scalable cannabis transportation services

Outsourcing your dispensary delivery services to an experienced provider will free up your time to focus on core tasks that will grow your business.  We alleviate your need to manage drivers and dispatch, maintain vehicles, source insurance, and handle order disputes.

We are able to scale and operate in any state, with any number of locations. When you work with us, you get a solution capable of growing with you, no matter how high you reach or how far you go.

Why Choose Scarlet Express?

We’ve created a system that maximizes communication between your dispensary and the end patient. You maintain operational control while we handle the payments, dispatch, customer service, and security. The result is a seamless delivery program and the opportunity for increased revenue.

Yes. The contracted drivers are thoroughly vetted with background checks on a bi-annual basis and carry the highest level of insurance. Our process indemnifies you.

Yes. We store all products in a secure lockbox inside the vehicle at all times, and we use security tape on each package to ensure maximum discreteness. The only information the driver will have is the delivery address. To keep you informed, we provide complete, transparent delivery reports daily, weekly, and monthly as you require.

Both your staff and patients have the ability to track drivers and deliveries through our software while receiving updates by email and SMS. Each order is time stamped, so you know when the package is en route, and when it has been delivered.

We offer easy billing and payment integration to eliminate your administrative costs. Through Scarlet-provided terminals, you can accept delivery orders directly in your store.

Yes. Because of our broad-based knowledge, we are aware of and are compliant with each states’ model.

Our software is customizable, so we can integrate with whichever menu provider and POS system you use. Before we start accepting deliveries, we work with your team to prepare your website, marketing materials, payment systems, and patient intake forms.

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