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Legal weed delivered to your doorstep is on the horizon in N.J.

“Businesses are going to have to do their homework if they want to enter delivery,” said Post, who has more than 20 years of experience in transportation, logistics, supply chain and chain of custody.

2 Minutes With Claudia Post, Founder and CEO of Scarlet Express

How she created a professional cannabis delivery service.

Claudia Post Shares her Entrepreneurial Journey into the Cannabis Industry

I am an entrepreneur, pioneer, groundbreaker, speaker, generous introducer, and power connector. Having recognized cannabis as the next frontier 13 years ago, I founded MOST Consulting Group, which is a one-stop shop for cannabis businesses…

Should My Dispensary Deliver its Own Cannabis or Work With a Service?

In an era where convenience is king, the cannabis industry is debating whether dispensaries should handle their own deliveries or outsource to a third-party service. 

How to Make Sure Your Cannabis Delivery Service Is Compliant

Running a delivery service for your dispensary is extremely difficult. Follow along for some tips on how to execute a compliant and successful delivery service.

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How to Seamlessly Transfer Your Skill-Set to the Cannabis Industry

Eager to learn how your work history might apply to a job in cannabis? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you successfully transition.

A Guide to Outsourcing Your Cannabis Delivery Service

Choosing a third-party delivery service can be a great move for a dispensary looking to eliminate costs and improve efficiency. Here are some points to help you build a successful partnership with a third-party cannabis delivery service.

Cannabis Delivery with Scarlet Express CEO Claudia Post

Check out our CEO Claudia Post’s recent feature on Cannabis Radio, where she talks about cannabis delivery and how Scarlet Express is a great outsource opportunity for dispensaries.

How to Painlessly Add a Dispensary Delivery Option

Read Claudia Post’s recent feature in BudsFeed, where she covers what it takes to add a delivery option to your cannabis dispensary.

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