Scarlet Express announces strategic partnership with Cannabis Wholesaler, LeafLink.

Scarlet Express is announcing its strategic partnership with cannabis wholesaler LeafLink to provide transportation services for the entire state of New Jersey. LeafLink is a wholesale platform that provides cannabis products to retailers and brands. The company oversees brand exposure, order management, and tools to enhance your business’s success. With thousands of company connections, LeafLink manages 52% of cannabis wholesale in the United States while overseeing over $4.5 billion in sales. LeafLink continues to transform the growing cannabis industry by offering its expertise in delivery optimization, communications, and reducing administrative workload for big brands. Overall, LeafLink demonstrates a commitment to empowering cannabis businesses while making the cannabis supply chain more efficient.

Through this strategic partnership, LeafLink and Scarlet Express will work together to provide delivery services to dispensaries. As a retailer, distributor, and brand, working along with LeafLink will afford dispensaries an effective way to manage their inventory.

With the cannabis industry continuing to grow and expand, recognizing the need for regulation and structure in the delivery sector is essential. This affiliation recognizes the similarities between both companies in their values of creating positive working environments for employees, respecting clients, and transparency.

Scarlet Express is a state-approved closed-loop cannabis delivery service. Scarlet Express’s expertise in cannabis transportation, supply chain, chain of custody, and logistics management is a winning combination. LeafLink is a wholesale cannabis marketplace that provides cannabis products to dispensaries. Scarlet Express was founded by Claudia Post, an award-winning and seasoned leader with experience in cannabis marketing, advertising, design, transportation, and logistics. The company provides efficient product transportation services that reduce the workload for dispensaries and help consumers obtain their cannabis.